Falling in Love

Dating does not always lead couples to believe they are falling in love, and many of them are simply enjoying time spent with someone agreeable....


How to Recognise Infatuation

There are times when a person feels a deep and sudden attraction to another, but they might make the mistake of believing they are falling...


Creating a Relationship

For those who find another attractive and receive encouragement, an infatuation can be a time of fun and laughter. Their days and nights are filled...


Different Levels of Emotion

Two people dating might find they have plenty in common, and fun is always part of their time together. They could spend months working toward...

When two people meet, there is often a mutual feeling of attraction. Those who are in a serious relationship might feel a slight pull, but their love for the other person will keep their fancy in bounds. Those who are single or leaving a relationship might allow their feelings a bit more sway, and they could agree to go out on a date. Several dates later, they might wonder if they are feeling love or infatuation for the other person.

There are no definite ways to tell in the beginning if love will blossom, but infatuation often leads to it. For those who want to know whether or not they have a chance to form a real relationship with the other person, time is often their best ally. Finding a way to weather the course until they know for sure is often the trick, but it can be a dismal road for those with hopes for the future.