Creating a Relationship

For those who find another attractive and receive encouragement, an infatuation can be a time of fun and laughter. Their days and nights are filled with thoughts of being with their new love, but creating a relationship will take a lot more effort on the part of both. They will have to get past their surface feelings to begin building a bond that will last through the years. It can be done, but commitment to the other person will not always be easy.

Getting to know each other better is a normal step in forming a relationship, and the two must separate out the fantasy they might have created with their infatuation. Learning to see and accept the other person's habits and annoyances is all part of what makes the bond stronger. Those who can look past faults can often succeed, but those who let annoyance win will find their infatuation quickly makes them move on to find someone else.

Relationships are not built on two people being perfect for each other, and allowances must be made if they want to remain together. Their relationship may have begun as nothing more than a mutual attraction in their minds, but it will have to evolve if they want it to succeed. It takes commitment to the future to do that, and they will need to decide if they can live with the imperfect person who originally attracted them. They have a good chance of success if there is common ground between them, but letting the attraction fade will almost guarantee failure.

The majority of serious relationships begin with nothing more than an attraction that turns into an infatuation, and they are none the worse for it. Many people have found their partner might not be perfect, but they would rather keep those imperfections in their life for a long time to come.