Falling in Love

Dating does not always lead couples to believe they are falling in love, and many of them are simply enjoying time spent with someone agreeable. For those who have found their emotions are running high, infatuation might be the start of their romantic involvement. If they are concerned it is not really love they are experiencing when with their new partner, they should know that only time will tell them the truth. Recognizing it could still be difficult, but they should be ready to face the facts as they appear.

Attraction to another person is only the first step, and getting to know them better is a good way to figure out if true love has a chance. Those who find the person they are with does not always please them could suddenly realize their affections have dampened. They might understand that they only have surface feelings for the other person, and it could end their relationship quickly. There is nothing to be ashamed of, but their attraction might turn out to be nothing more than a physical one.

For those who find that exploring their partner's hopes and dreams gives them a sense of completion, love could be the natural outcome of the relationship. Their lack of resistance to the other person's opinions and ideas on life could mean that have found someone compatible. It is one way for them to be convinced love has a chance, and they might be more willing to pursue a commitment when it happens.

Falling in love does not necessarily mean two people are compatible at all, but it does help. For those who find their date is still attractive without being in agreement on many issues, the love they hold and the relationship they forge could be lasting. It will take them more effort than those who can agree, but it might still be worthwhile to the pair.