Fanning the Flames

Many relationships have started with infatuation on the part of at least one person, but they might find they want more. Rather than satisfying their craving for an emotional connection, they find the attraction to the other person strengthens over time. Their partner might not feel the same way, and the relationship could end prematurely unless something is done. Fanning the flames of passion can be one answer, but digging deep to find true love often works out better in the long run.

Keeping a partner interested in a relationship is important for success, but those faced with a partner who is merely infatuated have to go a few steps further. They need to find a way to convert that temporary feeling into a permanent one, and it can be difficult. Finding common ground can be helpful, but they have to be careful not to push too hard. Trying to force an emotional bond can break it permanently.

Finding the right person can be a long and frustrating search, so people often go to great lengths to hold on to what they see as a good relationship. Even if they know the other person does not have the same level of attachment, they might be willing to settle for what they can get. This type of settling often guarantees the relationship will struggle, but finding ways to keep an unenthusiastic partner from leaving can eventually solve the problem.

Many couples may have started out where one of them was more in love with the other, but they can create a good balance over time. It may take a great deal of sacrifice and patience on the part of the person deeply in love, but the other person could find their own love growing as the relationship progresses. Remaining together takes work for couples where both have the same level of commitment, and it can work in this type of situation too.