How to Recognise Infatuation

There are times when a person feels a deep and sudden attraction to another, but they might make the mistake of believing they are falling in love. It seems their world has been narrowed down to thoughts and actions to gain that person's undivided attention only, and they have little or nothing else on their mind. It might be love, but chances are that recognizing infatuation is something that should be done. There are signs that will help point the way to knowing a lasting relationship will not be the outcome.

Temporary allergies to substances are a common physical ailment, and emotional allergies sometimes occur. These are infatuations, and many of them last only a short time. The person experiencing them might find the object of their desire pleasant in daydreams, but they might not hold up to their promise. Annoying habits, lack of commitment and strong physical desires without emotional attachments are all symptoms of nothing more than an infatuation that will wane over time.