When the Glitter is Gone

Infatuation is often mistaken for love, but it generally lasts a finite time. While love can be rekindled as the flames of passion wane, infatuation does not have the same strong base. It is a surface feeling, and it can wear down quickly. When the glitter is gone, the infatuation is over. There are some common ways to tell if it was just an infatuation, and they include feelings of irritation, lack of willingness to compromise, and even a bit of resentment can be part of the package.

Irritation often happens when one partner wants to go somewhere or do something the other person does not. It can be true that even those deeply in love can feel this nagging sense of wrongness, but it is less likely to occur on a regular basis if love is the dominant emotion. If a partner’s choices for dates suddenly become just one more irritation added to career and home woes, then it might be time to call it quits.

Compromise is a keystone in a good relationship, but it often has to be developed. People in love with each other are often willing to give in when there is an impasse, but those feeling nothing more than infatuation are less likely to do it. Their feeling is often that the other person should be pleasing them, and their lack of empathy or compatibility could be a major sign it is time for the pair of them to go their separate ways.

The decisions and events of a relationship can cause one or both partners to feel resentment from time to time, but it should not occur on a regular basis. Those feeling it at the end of almost every date should be aware this is a good sign the infatuation with the other person is wearing thing. It may be time to disappear from the dating horizon before the glitter turns to dust.