Different Emotional Levels

When two people first meet, they could find they have a mutual attraction. It can lead them on a date, and then they could find infatuation taking over. While some of these couples will fall in love, fate often has the last word. Some of them will mutually decide to end their relationship and perhaps remain friends, but others will have different levels of emotion. One person could be in love with their partner, but the other person might feel it is time to move on to greener pastures.

There are issues that can arise when two people do not have the same feelings for each other, and some of them can be emotionally disturbing. A person in love suddenly finding out the other person feels almost nothing can become distraught. This is all part of dating, and it can be a time when feeling overwhelmed or depressed can set in. There is still no cure for a broken heart, but time will eventually help it heal.

Compatibility between two people is good when they are in love and considering committing to a long term relationship, but it is not always enough. Some people feel the spark of passion for their partner dies quickly, and it can throw cold water on their future plans. They might be able to reignite the spark if they are lucky, but it could take a lot more work than they are willing to do. Leaving the relationship could be their best option, but some people will stay in it until they are positive any chance of fanning the flames is gone.

Two people in any relationship can have different emotional levels, but they have to be fairly close for many relationships to work well. If one person has little or no feelings for the other, the deficit will eventually appear. It can be devastating to find a partner was only infatuated, but moving on to find one who will return love is often the best choice.