Different Levels of Emotion

Two people dating might find they have plenty in common, and fun is always part of their time together. They could spend months working toward a relationship, but it should be no secret that there will be different levels of emotion each of them feels. One person might fall in love with the other within a few dates, and they could just be waiting an appropriate length of time before popping the question. The other person might be enjoying all the time they have been spending together, but their feelings could still be only in the warm phase of a potential relationship.

It can be difficult to conduct a relationship when there are wide differences in how two people feel about each other, and it will affect the level of commitment each of them are willing to invest. The person who feels a deep and satisfying love for their partner is often willing to give up everything they have to make the relationship a success, but a lack of reciprocation could hurt them.

Couples have often found their level of emotional commitment to any relationship differs, but those who have managed to stay together over the long term are closer in feelings than those who end up severing all ties to each other. A person who loves someone is likely to continue with the relationship, but the other person could feel smothered by their affections. A lack of reciprocation in this instance should signal to both people that they are not ready to make a serious commitment.

There have been times when people have chosen to remain in a relationship where their feelings are not in harmony with those of their partner, but regret has often been the result. They might stay for a few years, but they could eventually find they are more attracted to someone else and choose to leave.